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Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon [A] is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak, which has been published by Pokémon Company and Nintendo for Nintendo 3 DS. The games were released on November 17, 2017 worldwide. Declared in June 2017, the title Pokemon is an advanced version with the revised story of Sun and Moon, which are similar to the previous "upper editions" such as yellow, crystal, emerald and platinum. This game is the seventh generation of the main Pokémon RPG for the Nintendo 3DS, as well as the last main line Pokémon game to be released on the console.

The games have been set up in the Alola area based on an alternate story and present many new characters, pokémon, forms and gameplay features. With the last title in the series, the game follows a young trainer in a pokemon-training trip throughout the field. In the games, new forms of legendary pokemon necrozoma are shown as version mascot.

The game received a positive reception, critics praised the extra features included on the sun and the moon. By the end of 2018, the game had sold over eight million copies worldwide.

Similar to the Sun and the Moon, the character of the player is eleven years of going to Melamele Island in Alolla with his mother. During his visit to Alolla after the traditional island challenges of the area, he completes the test in which there is a battle with powerful Pokémon (known as Totem Pokémon) and called Team Skull (under the leadership of a person named Guzman) There are many battles with the villain group, a more charitable Aether Foundation (under the leadership of a woman named Lusamine), and a group that is known as Al Tra reon squad is, which came from a different dimension ultra megalopolis said, where Nekrojhma has stolen your lights. Most of the story revolves around two legendary Pokémon: a cosmog, nickname, which develops in Solgello (in Ultra Sun) or Luna (in Ultra Moon); And necroszomaa, which attempts to seize light from aloe.

During climax, Lusamine uses the nebula to create a wormhole for ultra megalopolis, where he and Guzman try to fight the necrosis for the Ultra Reckon Squad. However, they fail and later the story is thrown back into their dimension, after which Nexorama follows them. Necrozoma fights with the Nabi, now in Ultra Sun, a solgalio or Luna in Ultra Moon, and wins. Necrosis then absorbs legendary pokémon, which in their respective versions form their Dusk or Dawn Wings form, and remove Ultra Beasts on Alolla before fighting the player. After the player defeats it, Necrozoma escapes into Ultra Megalopolis, taking the illumination of the world with him, while the player, ultra-spacos in ultra-spacos with the help of ultra-reakon squad, travels from Ultra Space to Luna with Ultra Sun or Solgalio Does it Ultra megalopolis There, the player fights with Necrosom in this time, in his real form (ultra nexorama) to save the world and for the fate of the nineteenth. The player defeats it once more, so that Alolla returns.

With the traditional Pokémon game, the player's opponents are: Hau, a friendly boy who joins the player during his journey, and Gladian, the legendary son of Lusamine. After completing these tests, the player moves forward to fight with a newly established Elite Four and later defeats Haoue and becomes Alolla's first Pokémon league champion.

In the post-game, the player encounters Team Rainbow Rocket, an essentially displaced group based on Team Rocket from Red, Blue and Yellow. The above group seizes control of the headquarters of the Ether Foundation and make Lusamine hostage. The player staged a revolver with a revised Guzma, Lily (who had been the caretaker of the Nebbi before its development) and the former team, Plasma leader Callres. Fight from previous sports villains (leaders from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald to Maxi and Archie, Diamond, Pearl to Cyrus, and Platinum, legendary with X and Y, and Ghetto for Black, White, Black 2 and White 2) . The player finally faces Geovanni, who leads the Rainbow rocket and has one wallet at his disposal. After the player's victory, Giovanni disappears, thinking that "what new world [he] will [get] [his] evil plans"


Shigeru Omori, one of the game's producers, said that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were worked on by small staff members, while veterans worked on upcoming Pokémon games for the Nintendo Switch, although some more experienced members, such as Shigakek Morimoto It was entrusted to it. He also said that the Game Freak believed Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the "culmination of our work with the 3DS system". Despite the development team of 80, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, almost half of Pokémon Sun and Moon, which had a script twice as Sun and Moon.In a separate interview, Ommori described an idea to develop late-formed ultra installments during the development of the Sun and Moon, whose purpose was to take advantage of the speed achieved by the Pokemon series, mobile phones After the widely successful release of Pokémon. go. Game director Kazumasa Ivao was in charge of the war systems in the Sun and Moon.

In the post-game game, former Nintendo CEO Satroo Iwata was inducted into the tribute, mentioning his role in the development of Gold and Silver. In December 2017, the game received its first patches, fixing many bugs.

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