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 About Super Mario 3D Land:

Super Mario 3D Land [A] is a platform video game in the Super Mario series, which has been developed and published by Nintendo for its Nintendo 3DS Handheld Video Game Console. It was released worldwide in November 2011 and was the first game to be released for the 3DS. A sequel called Super Mario 3D World, was released for Wii U in 2013. 

Super Mario 3D Land and its sequel Mario are unique from other games in the series, because they add elements from both traditional 2D Mario side-scrolling games and modern free-roaming 3D Mario games. It also introduces elements in the series, including power-ups and gameplay mechanics. The main story is similar to the previous Super Mario titles, which focuses on Mario's efforts to save Princess Peach, which has been abducted by Boseer.

The game was released for critics for game critics, praising the creativity and technical designs presented within the game, although the 3D in the gameplay was used with more mixed receptions. This game was a commercial success, and by December 2018, it sold 12.41 million copies worldwide, making it the sixth best-selling game for the 3DS.  It was also the first 3DS game to sell more than five million copies. Nintendo released the game in 2012 as a downloadable title through Nintendo EShop.


Super Mario 3D Land is a platform game that game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has described as "3D Mario", which plays as a 2D Mario game. As such, Super Mario 3D Land combines elements of traditional side-scrolling video game titles with modern open world titles, such as the modern Open World title, such as moving Mario into three dimensions and various types of actions do. Like the old side-scrolling Mario games, the health system revolves around Mario, which shrinks on the loss of enemies or hazards, in contrast to using analog input to determine the travel speed, a dedicated "dash" button , And the loss in the form of "Little Mario" is the result of losing life. Mario has also learned two new moves: a barrel roll and a roll jump, one of which can be used to jump over the block to block the blocks in the same way or jump from the ground, and the later Mario Allow to cover very horizontal grounds. In a jump. Super Mario 3D Land uses the same level of purpose as the above-side scrolling games in which the level of each level is reaching and catching within the deadline at the end of the "round poles" level.

The game includes many traditional Mario items like Super Mushrooms, Fire Flower and Stratton, as well as new power-ups that make special suits on Mario and provide new capabilities. [9] Returning from Super Mario Bros. 3 is Super Leaf Power-Up, which gives Mario a stitched suit, so that he floats in the air and attacks with his tail, with the later version performing it in the statue Allows to change Ground pound. The player is able to reserve an additional power-up, which can be recovered by tapping the object appearing on the touchscreen.

Other items include Boomerang Flower, which allows Mario to throw Boomerang, which can collect external objects and attack the enemies; Propeller box, which allows Mario to reach high places; And the rare prize box, which gives Mario extra coins while roaming in it. The unstoppable leaf, which appears after the player dies five times in one level, Mario gives the ability of unstoppable and tanic sushi; The P-wing, which appears after a player dies at a level ten times, sends the player right next to the goal pole, at the end of the level. (The unstoppable leaf and the P-wing are available only in the regular world) Each course includes three hidden stars medals, which require some levels to be unlocked. The Map screen also has Todd Houses where players can tour to Todd and get additional items, and Mystery Box where more Star Medals can be earned. After clearing the game once, a set of "special" levels is unlocked, some of which contain additional challenges, such as 30 seconds timeframe. Clearing the S1 palace describes Luigi as a playful character, which is slightly different from Mario. 

Super Mario 3D Land uses the Nintendo 3D DS's autostaroscopic technique, allowing players to experience depth while watching the game screen. When the game does not require 3D effects, some interruptions or points of interest are deliberately more noticeable or easy when switching to 3D. Super Mario 3D lands also use alternative use of 3DS gyroscope, which can be used to control cannons and telescopes. [Use] The game also has StreetPass functionality, allowing players to exchange mystery boxes with bonus items.  Streetpass gives players another toad house so that they can get the items.

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  3. Download and Install Citra 3DS Emulator to emulate this game on your PC.
  4. Lastly, download Super Mario 3D Land Decrypted ROM from below.

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