Pokemon Generations V10 Download Link by PrizMa [2018] Updated!


Pokémon: Generation is a free, informal, 3D action / adventure / RPG that is quite inspired by both Pokémon Annie and Pokémon video games. There will be both single and multiplayer aspects in the game, as well as a story that will bridge the gap between RBY and GSC.

As the progress will continue, updates will be available on the game launcher. If you are interested in helping the project, please note that we are only interested for property collectors / creators, although all support is very much appreciated and highly motivational, and we are grateful for it.

We will keep updating this page regularly with news, patch and media, but if you really want to stay in the loop, then we recommend that you join these forums.

In addition, Mac users can find the port of the latest versions on this link. You must use StuffitExpander to remove the content, but you should be able to play from there.

Pokémon © 2002-2013 Pokémon. © 1995-2013 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / Gym Frack Inc. TM, ®, Pokémon logo and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

No copyright or trademark infringement is intended to use source material in Pokémon Generation. All beauty possessions are crafted by 100% hand by Xatoku Productions. * Sound properties have been ripped from the Nintendo IPO purchased. The goal of Pokémon Generation is to find out the world of Pokémon in a profitable, pg, respectable way.

PS: Buy Nintendo's PKMN game. They are awesome and support those awesome people who introduced us to Pokémon for the first time. We are not worth any money, but they certainly do as hell.

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  1. Before downloading, make sure to have latest version of Windows 7/8/10. If your windows is outdated then maybe the game won't open or work properly.
  2. Install latest version of Direct X x86 (32Bit) or x64 (64Bit) and Microsoft C++ Redistributable x86 (32Bit) or x64 (64Bit) on your PC.

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