Unlock Unlimited Stuffs in 3DS Pokemon Games Using PKHeX


PKHeX edits our pokemon quality, quantity and other stuffs in game! It can be also used to fix a bug in the game and also can be used to unlock any pokemon all over the region! The PKHeX offers you great deals like you can get a new pokemon and you can also do some other funny stuff with them! To download this file, you need to follow these steps carefully :

  • Download latest windows drivers and make sure your window is upto date.
  • Make sure you are using latest version of citra 3ds emulator, otherwise this may result in crashes and few other bugs.
  • Make sure you have microsof c++ redistributable installed in your computer.
  • Also make sure to have latest Direct X drivers installed in your system.
  • Downloading this file requires 3 common steps.
  • 1 - Click on box and wait complete hum verfication and then wait for 12 seconds
  • 2 - Copy the URL of the page and paste in the given box and click submit.
  • 3 - Subsribe to my YouTube channel.
  • That's IT!
After you have done downloading this file then install it and open up the PKHeX and load your save file and then change whatever you want inside the game and that's it, export your save file and replace the old save file with new one. Now open your game and you'll find new stuffs which you added using PKHeX.
  1. Before downloading, make sure to have latest version of Windows 7/8/10. If your windows is outdated then maybe the game won't open or work properly.
  2. Install latest version of Direct X x86 (32Bit) or x64 (64Bit) and Microsoft C++ Redistributable x86 (32Bit) or x64 (64Bit) on your PC.

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