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Phoenix OS is an Android Operating System (OS) for PC, Mac & eventually for Android! This OS helps in playing Games at 60+ FPS which other emulators can't afford! It can run PUBG at 60 FPS even on Low-End PC!

Phoenix OS (x86) can run on Intel® x86 series devices with CPUs. It can be installed on the hard disk for operation, without affecting the original document system.

Computer settings recommended

Intel® x86 processors and computers with more than 2G internal storage for the last five years

How to Install Phoenix OS Systems

Download the Phoenix OS (x86) setup program. Double click the Setup program on Windows. Select the installation method via setup from a USB drive or install on the hard disk on Operation Interface. Click to see the installation guide.


Even if the system is installed on the hard disk, you should make backups even when the original data is not affected.
We recommend that you use the system on devices with Intel Atom series CPU, which will have the best compatibility.
If you install the system on a USB drive, then we recommend that you use high performance and 6D USB drive. Low-speed USB drives will gradually get stuck and operate, affecting the user's experience.
In case of any problem, you can find a solution in the support center or forum or leave your message for consultation.
The production of Phoenix OS (x86) is related to the open source of Android x86.
The Phoenix OS setup program uses grub4dos, we express our gratitude for it.
Following these steps will be a good gaming experience.

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