Can We Play Fortnite Mobile on PC?

Can We Play Fortnite Mobile on PC?

Of course you all emulator lovers may have got this idea that after Fortnite Mobile releases globally in all android devices then you will be able to emulate it on Bluestacks, Nox Player, Memu Player, etc. But the problem is that Fortnite android requires x64 Bit version of Operating System and none of emulators have 64 bit version Operating System. The developers are pretty smart and they already planned about how they are gonna stop Emulator players to enter in mobile servers. But instead on banning players with emulators, why don't they make an emulator version of Fortnite Mobile for emulator players? Maybe PUBG could be a great inspiration and idea for them. I have already made 5 video parts on this series and if you want to know completely about that then you may go to and watch all those 5 parts. There is a 64 bit version of android emulator available but still it's not confirmed if it's a 64 Bit version. It's can 64 bit because it almost runs the game but still the game isn't playable on this emulator. The name of this great emulator is TianTian Emulator. The emulator requires a PC with over 6 GB of RAM to start the 64 bit extension but still it can not run the game properly. Maybe in future we will be able to play Fortnite Mobile on low end PCs.

There are pros and cons of every single thing, so this thing also has its own special Pros and Cons.
In this part, we will talk about Pros, So there are pretty much a lot of advantages of Fortnite Mobile being played on PC. First things first, players with low-end pc will be able to play there dream game on a potato PC. Another advantage is that the game will interact more viewers towards them and they will of course earn a lot more then they are right now. Maybe in future, we will see Fortnite Mobile being playable on PC.

So we are now talking about the Cons of Fortnite Mobile on PC. The first and worst disadvantage of playing Fortnite Mobile on PC is it'll decrease the life span of your Computer and will also damage your Graphics card, RAM, and your Power Supply of course. You'll need a higher spec PC to play this game on at least 30 FPS! You'll need 4 GB of RAM and 2 GB of external graphics to make this game playable, but if you have this many specs then you might better choose official Fortnite Pc version instead of playing a mobile game on PC and smacking your PCs ass. 

My Opinion
So these were my opinions upon playing Fortnite Mobile on PC with an emulator. Let me know your thoughts and opinions too in comments and also if you want to follow me on Instagram then look at top-right corner on your screen, there you will see all my social media links.

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