PUBG Lite PC: Latest June 2019 Patch Notes

PUBG Lite PC: Latest Patch Note Updates [ June 4, 2019]
PUBG Lite has recently released their official Patch Notes on June 4th, 2019. In this update they have done a lot of new changes in the game. Check the full article below to read about latest updates on PUBG Lite PC!

  • New Weapon added.
  • New Bug Fixes.
  • New features added.
  • New vehicle added.
  • Added a new Game Mode.
New Weapon Added
The new weapons which has been added to the game is OBZ. This gun uses 5.56 MM Ammo in PUBG Lite. The new and Powerful QBZ will replace Scar-L in the game, however you'll still be able to use them in Erangel and Miramar. The QBZ can be found quicker at hot drops like Bootcamp, Paradise Resort and Pai Nan. 

➧ New Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where players would teleport to other locations in map.
  • Fixed the issue where in Sanhok, players get stuck at walls in Paradise Resort.
  • Fixed the issue where controlling parachute after opening was impossible.
  • Fixed the issue in Sanhok where players could not sit in shallow water.

➧ New Feature Added
The Game has added a new feature 'GVoice' where players can adjust teammates voice sound level.

➧ Changed reticle so that the last used scope reticle can be saved.
  • For Red Dot/ Holographic/ 2X/ 3X
  • After ADS, the appearance and the color of the line of sight is saved as the last adjusted version.
➧ New Vehicle Added
The game company has also added a brand new vehicle in the game. It's called 'Rony' and it's a 4 wheeled vehicle added to the game.

➧ New Game Mode Added
The brand new 'Duo' game mode has been added to the game. In Duo, 2 Player can play together. It's a 2v2 Game Mode which was under development and has finally been released in this patch note.

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