Mind Blowing Features in PUBG MOBILE Season 8 Update

Since the launch of PUBG Mobile on android/iOS platform, the game has been a blockbuster hit across the globe including many countries, specially in India and other Asian countries with millions of its fans. It is a mobile version of an already established game PUBG on pc. Though being a smaller version of game for mobile users, the game has done exceptionally well and is more popular than the original PUBG ( PlayerUnknown's Battleground).

Here is another good news for the mobile gamers as the game developers have launched amazing new features and updates in the game.

With its 8th season going currently, here is the new updated version 0.13.5 for its users :

  • The new weapon PP-19 is a new submachine gun added in the game, being 5th on the list of submachine weapons it can be a deadly option for close combats.
  • The gun uses 9mm bullets as its ammunition with highly oversized magazine of 53 bullets, being 2nd highest in magazine after the M249 machine gun.
  • The PP-19 magazine can't be upgraded further as it doesn't supports magazine upgrades.
  • Firing rate is almost same as with UMP submachine but has damage per shot equal to 35HP making it a tough weapon for your opponents to deal with.
  • The weapon allows attachments for its muzzle and can used with all kind of scopes from red dot to 6x.
  • A new experience for gamers with the room mode of TPP-Deathmatch.
  • For the users demanding more frames, the game has added High Frame Rate option to HDR mode for High-end devices.
  • Adding of new Rating Protection Cards will come into play when ratings change.
  • Upcoming PMCO-themed events in late July.
  • Readjustment of the Classic Mode Screen results
  • Readjustments of the rewards provide in 8th season.
  • Automatic sending of rewards to user ids at the end of season.
  • Change in the algorithm of ranking system, more value given to kills for your Tier.
  • Players can get the new 8th season royale pass including ocean-themed outfits.
  • Friend request feature has been upgraded.

  • Bugs including notifications related to rewards not appearing when doing daily missions has been fixed.
  • Mismatching of crate names in EZ Mission Licence Perks 3 has been fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect ranking of players with incorrect ratings during season change.
  • Fixed Not being able to move the avatars of teammates in Team Deathmatch.
  • Addition of certain items in BP shop for prime subscribers.
  • Improvement in the UC Purchase Bonus Screen.
  • Better title visual effects.
  • Real time calculation of results during Bonus Challenge.
  • PUBG MOBILE CLUB OPEN Global Finals in Berlin 7/26-7/28
  • Team Up in season 8 of the new summer carnival royale pass.
  • Return of some events of season 2 and 3 for upcoming anniversary of royale pass.
  • Alan Walker X PUBG MOBILE's new collaboration single and mystery set available.

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