PUBG MOBILE LITE is new Top Free Game On Mobile


PUBG Mobile Lite has been recently launched on mobile platform and has became one of the top free games on play store, and is also doing very good with its recent launch specially in India, where there are the highest number of pubg mobile players, so game is expected to do amazingly well. Know how to play this new PUBG MOBILE LITE and check out its gameplay, features, rewards, royal pass, and other amazing features.

PUBG firstly announced a PUBG LITE version,which for another version of the PUBG PC but for low end PC, not long after its launch in India, and something similar is seen with PUBG MOBILE. The PUBG MOBILE company Tencent has announced a lite version of PUBG Mobile for low end mobile devices with lesser graphics. With the launch of the game on play store on 26th of July 2019 in India, it has become the top 3 game in India within 3 days.

This PUBG MOBILE LITE Version has a size close to 491 MB which is quite small compared to the official PUBG MOBILE. It has been designed such that it runs smoothly and efficiently on low end mobile devices which run on lower memory, thus becoming the perfect placement of PUBG MOBILE for lighter mobile devices.

The players will have to play in small map, which will consist maximum of 60 players, and the action packed gameplay will last not more than 10-15 minutes which is quite less than that of PUBG MOBILE, in addition to the gameplay, the lite version can be played smoothly even if the user is not having very good internet connection. It has an enhanced Aim Assist system which will help the users while performing certain movements. Thus it simplifies the control and is really comapatible even in low or bad network areas.

The PUBG MOBILE Company Tencent and PUBG Corp has jointly launched this lite version of the infamous PUBG MOBILE not long after another LITE version of PUBG PC was launched just a month ago for low end computer devices.

Mobile System Requirements for PUBG MOBILE LITE -

  • Any low level smart phone
  • 500-600 Mega Bytes of space for downloading and installing
  • RAM equal to or less than 2GB


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