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Bayonetta 2 follows on the action-style gameplay of its predecessor, in which players control the aponium Beyoncé as she fights against various angelic and demonic forces using a combination of melee and gunplay. The last witch slowed down the enemies around Bayonetta, bypassing enemy attacks on 'witch time' and allowing players to easily take vengeance and solve some environmental puzzles. Players are able to use special moves called torture attacks, trapping opponents in inferior devices for additional points. The adaptation of the weapon from the first game also returns, allowing players to be equipped with a combination of new weapons on both Bayonetta's hands and feet. A large array of weapons can be equipped, including the character's signature guns, a bow, swords, and other forms of projectile weapons. Players earn grades during combat, with the highest 'Pure Platinum' grade being achieved by performing a high number of combs at the fastest time, without causing damage.  As with the previous game, Beyonita can use torture attacks on her enemies, breaking torture devices that kill single enemies horribly and giving the player a bonus


Instructions to read before downloading Bayonetta 2 NSP File:

Before downloading and trying to play this game in your own way, please read the following Instructions carefully to play without errors. 
  1. Download Latest version of DirectX.
  2. Make sure to have updated Graphics Card Drivers.
  3. Update your Windows to latest version.
  4. Download Yuzu Emulator in your PC.
  5. Download Bayonetta 2 NSP file.
  6. Extract Zip file in a folder.
  7. Load your Bayonetta 2 NSP file in Yuzu Emulator and Enjoy your game.

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    Download Bayonetta 2 NSP file

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