Download Bravely Default 3DS [Decrypted] ROM for Citra

bravely default 3ds rom

Bravely Default

Developer(s)Silicon Studio
  • JP: Square Enix
  • WW: Nintendo
Director(s)Kensuke Nakahara
Producer(s)Tomoya Asano
Designer(s)Kensuke Nakahara
Artist(s)Akihiko Yoshida
Writer(s)Naotaka Hayashi
Keiichi Ajiro
Platform(s)Nintendo 3DS

Bravely Default, in Japan its knows as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, a role-playing video 
game developed by Silicon 3D for the Nintendo 3DS  game console. The Bravely default was originally released in 2012, while an extended version for the sequel released in 2013 in Japan, Europe and Australia, and in 2014 in North America. Square Enix printed the sport in Japan, whereas Nintendo handled publication duties overseas. The gameplay uses a turn-based combat system and job system, as well as choices to mix job skills and change battle speed and random encounter rates.

Bravely is set in the world of the default Luxander, which is held in balance by four fundamental crystals protected by crystal orthodoxy, a worldwide religious group. Agnes Obliz of the Wind Crystal is forced to embark on a journey to awaken the crystal after being consumed by darkness. Along with Tiz Arrier, the only survivor from Norande, Anamaciek Ringbell, and Eternian defender Edia Lee, prepare to awaken the Agnus crystal and face more wickedness responsible for the events.

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How To Install & Play Bravely Default on PC?

  • Download Bravely Default from link given below.
  • Go to your download drive and search for "Bravely Default".
  • Right Click on the zip file and click on "Extract to Bravely Default".
  • After the completion of extraction process, open your "Citra Emulator".
  • Locate for "Bravely Default".
  • Load up your ROM.
  • Enjoy.

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