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Astral Chain is an action-adventure game where the player "Neuron" takes on the role of a special police task force detective who is tasked with solving and investigating the events that take place in the game's main world, "The Arc". Exploring the world, questioning non-playable characters, and examining the evidence provide clues and logic puzzles that become "leads" that advance the investigation process. During the game the officers reach the "Astral Plane" - an inter-dimensional area where they traverse dangerous terrain, solve puzzles, and battle enemies similar to traditional video game dungeons.

Neuron officials are known as a "Legion", who are able to summon an acquaintance tied to a chain, which is the name of the game. Armies come in various different forms that play different abilities that are used to solve and combat puzzles. These include: a sword-based army with swift blade attacks that can be used to disrupt circuitry and disrupt enemy attacks, an archer legion that can target weak points and distant switches , An army with powerful holes that can move large objects, an axis-based army that can break through shields, and an object (while creating its own shield Causing it) to explode with an ax to destroy its ax, and a K9 army that the player can ride (automatically inflicting enemy attacks) and to dig or dig into the trash Uses.

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How To Install & Play Astral Chain on PC?

  • Download Astral Chain from link given below.
  • Go to your download drive and search for "Astral Chain".
  • Right Click on the zip file and click on "Extract to Astral Chain".
  • After the completion of extraction process, open your "Citra Emulator".
  • Locate for "Astral Chain".
  • Load up your ROM.
  • Enjoy.

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