Kirby Battle Royale [USA/EUR] Decrypted ROM for Citra Nintendo 3DS

Kirby Battle Royale [USA/EUR] Decrypted ROM for Citra Nintendo 3DS

Kirby Battle Royal is a brawler video game played primarily from a top-down perspective.  Players control Kirby, the titanic hero of the series, and must battle in a field against other versions of himself. The game features a single player story campaign with cooperative games and multiplayer fighting modes available for local and online play.

There are a total of 10 game modes , plus "The Cake Royal" story mode .
  • The Cake Royale: Dedede set up a mysterious tournament filled with Kirby clones. Kirby fights through five "leagues", playing various game modes.
  • Battle Arena: The player must defeat all opponents and stand last.
  • Apple Scramble: Players split into two teams and have to collect more apples than the opponent.
  • Coin Conflict: Players must collect the most coins in the stipulated time frame to avoid the ghost stealing the coin.
  • Assault Riders: Players must collect "chips" by killing other players. Machines appear several times, and when attacking it results in the player getting extra chips.
  • Crazy Theater: Players must articulate a certain task in front of opponents, including acts such as "Carry x apple" and "The Bom [bomb] explosion".
  • Rocket Rumble: Players collect cubes and try and get them into their ships. The more cubes, the higher the rocket. To win, the player must fly the highest.
  • Robo Bonkers: Players must attack the robot version of Bonkers. To win, they must face the most losses.
  • Slam Hockey: Players must attack a huge hockey puck and knock it over opponents to score.
  • Ore Express: Players must collect gems and throw them in a train. The player who collects the most gems wins.
  • Flag Ball: The player throws a ball at their flag to score, but the opposing team can carry the flag and attack the player. The team with seven goals wins first.

Instructions to read before downloading Super Smash Bros: Ultimate ROM file File:

    Before downloading and trying to play this game in your own way, please read the following Instructions carefully to play without errors. 
    1. Download Latest version of DirectX.
    2. Make sure to have updated Graphics Card Drivers.
    3. Update your Windows to latest version.
    4. Download Yuzu Emulator in your PC.
    5. Download Super Smash Bros: Ultimate ROM file.
    6. Extract Zip file in a folder.
    7. Load your Super Smash Bros: Ultimate ROM file in Yuzu Emulator and Enjoy your game.

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