Download Tomodachi Life 3DS Decrypted ROM for Citra Nintendo 3DS | PrizMa Gaming

Download Tomodachi Life 3DS Decrypted ROM for Citra Nintendo 3DS | PrizMa Gaming

Tomodachi Life is a life simulation video game developed by Nintendo SPD and published for 3DS by Nintendo. The game, which is a direct sequel to the Japan-exclusive Nintendo DS titled Tomodachi Collection, was released worldwide in April 2013, June 2014 in Japan, and South Korea in July 2014. The game received positive reviews and a good sales record. The gameplay was praised by many reviewers, but criticized the minigames.

The game starts with the players naming their own island and creating or importing their personal Mii, referred to as the player's "look-alikes" and living in an apartment building. The building holds up to 100 Miis.

The player visits a married couple's house, where they can be seen playing with their child.

The player can import Miis from the system's Mii manufacturer, other devices or QR codes, or build them from scratch using the 3DS camera or in-game Mii maker. The Miis is voiced by text-to-speech software and has unique personalities. Mias can perform various different actions, such as eating meals, trying on different clothes and outfits, falling in love with each other and engaging in many leisure activities. As more Miz are added to the island, there can be many awkward and curious conversations between them, such as friendship, romance, rivalry, romantic relationships, and family. As the game progresses, the player unlocks more stores, clothes, food, and places for Miz to play.

On May 2014, a new demo of the video game was given to the Platinum members of the Club Nintendo in the North America, the data of which could be transferred to the final version to unlock bonus in-game items. The game is tied to the Nintendo eShop download code for two "Welcome Versions" demos that can be given to friends. A slightly different demo for the video game version was later officially released publicly for download from the Nintendo eShop. This version of the game doesn't unlocks any features in the whole game.
Following the announcement of worldwide release, controversy arose about the impossibility of same-sex relationships. Nintendo stated that the ability for same-sex relationships in the video game was not a part of the original video game which was introduced in Japan, and the game is made from the same code that was used to localize to other areas outside of Japan. In 2013, it was widely reported that a bug in the original Japanese version of the game, which enabled same-sex relationships, was patched by Nintendo. This was denied in a statement given by Nintendo in April 2014, explaining that same-sex relationships were never possible, and that the patch had indeed fixed a different issue, despite users' different campaigns, Nintendo said that it would not be possible to add - sex for sports, as they "did not intend to create any form of social commentary with the launch of the game", and Because the will not be able to continue as a post-game patch which will require significant development changes to it. The company later apologized and said that if they were to make a third game in the series, they would "attempt to design a gameplay experience from the ground up that is more inclusive, and better represents all players.

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Download Tomodachi Life 3DS Decrypted ROM for Citra Nintendo 3DS | PrizMa Gaming

Download Tomodachi Life 3DS Decrypted ROM for Citra Nintendo 3DS | PrizMa Gaming

Download Tomodachi Life 3DS Decrypted ROM for Citra Nintendo 3DS | PrizMa Gaming

How To Install & Play Tomodachi Life on PC?

  1. Download Tomodachi Life Decrypted ROM from link given below.
  2. Go to your download drive and search for "Tomodachi Life Decrypted ROM".
  3. Right Click on the zip file and click on "Extract to Tomodachi Life Decrypted ROM".
  4. After the completion of extraction process, open your "Citra Emulator".
  5. Locate for "Tomodachi Life Decrypted ROM".
  6. Load up your ROM.
  7. Enjoy.

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