[FREE] Pacify: Horror Game Download for PC | PrizMa Gaming

[FREE] Pacify: Horror Game Download for PC | PrizMa Gaming


You just signed up for PAH Inc. Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated. Yes, that sounds cheesy, but the payment is great. You said you would never be in any real danger and you have a lot of work to do now. Your first job is in an old haunted house. There is a real estate agent who wants to offer the house for sale, but since everyone in the city is spreading rumors about the evil that lives in the house, they need proof that it is safe. Actually, he seems to have been intimidated. However, he commissioned PAH Inc. to check the place. You can also try it alone, but I would take at least three other friends with me. Check the location, and if something supernatural is going on, try to provide evidence to PAH Inc.


This house was built over 100 years ago. The owners ran a funeral home. They held regular funeral services such as ceremonies, guards, cremation, and burial of the dead. Rumor has it in town that they also offered a very special service to speak to your deceased loved one last time. Some people paid for the service and were able to speak to the dead after some kind of ritual. Apparently something went wrong with one of the rituals. A person from the city and the owners of the house disappeared and were never seen again. Over the past century, some people who have investigated the incident have never returned. A couple of children sneaking through the place said they heard laughter and saw a little girl in the window. There is probably no truth about it.


Pacify - run for your life through the narrow corridors of a dark old house. There is a little girl who alternates between good and bad. Different circumstances can cause it to change. Once evil takes hold, it will haunt you and your friends around the house. You need to find a way to appease evil and escape the house. As the game progresses, evil gets smarter and faster.

Play alone in single player mode or with up to three other friends in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer you can play with or against your friends. Read the instructions to calm the girl down. Find and use keys, dolls, wood, and matches to help you along the way. The girl can hear and see you. Stay out of sight and stay as calm as possible. Try different types of strategies to win.

Single Player

You can go in alone, but the game will be difficult. You have to do the work of 2-4 people alone. However, it is possible and very scary to face the girl alone!


In co-op multiplayer, you work together to help each other escape from the house. You can save each other from the girl by interrupting her if she gets caught.

PVP mode

In PvP mode, every intern is at PAH Inc. and tries to get a full-time job. The person who does the most work is hired. They can get in each other's way. When you push a player to the floor, numb him for 5 seconds and drop the keys.


[FREE] Pacify: Horror Game Download for PC | PrizMa Gaming

[FREE] Pacify: Horror Game Download for PC | PrizMa Gaming

[FREE] Pacify: Horror Game Download for PC | PrizMa Gaming

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