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Console Games Request Rules

  • The request section is for console games only. Do not request pc or platform games as we will not respond to requests without changes.
  • Request a console game with multiple requests at the same time.
  • Completion of your request can take up to 24 to 48 hours. So be patient after the request.
  • The request can refer to anything related to NSPs, XCI games,other console game formats, updates and DLC switches for your beloved console in the comment section.
  • You can request early access games and games that have already been released and are available for the eShop world, we got both of them in our sleeves.

To request the game, please do follow the format below.

Console Game Request Format

  • Title Name: (Please provide the full name of the game in English only.)
  • Format: (Please specify in XCI, NSP or other game format)
  • Type: (DLC, update, game, whatever is mentioned, in the case of an update patch, please mention the update version, for example 1.0.1 or v65536 etc.)
If you agree with the rules given above, only then you're allowed to post a comment.

Thank you for reading all of this. Don't forget to subscribe to Reddit too. I hope to see you satisfied with your desired content. Take care and greet yourself.

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